Candidate Map

Candidate Map

Candidate Map (‘Ehdokaskartta’) is a prototype web app that helps voters find a suitable electoral candidate. It uses open data from Election Compass (‘Vaalikone’) by Yle, the Finnish public broadcasting company, but offers a markedly different user experience.

An instance (in Finnish) of Ehdokaskartta with the Finnish 2019 parliamentary elections data can be found at The source code is available on Github.

Since Yle’s pioneering 1996 Election Compass, VAAs or Voting Advice Applications have come to play an important role in elections, especially in polities with a fragmented party system. Their main purpose is most often to try and match the voter with suitable candidates or parties based on an opinion questionnaire, which both the candidates and the voter fill.

As befits their increasing uptake, a substantial body of research has also been published regarding VAAs. The literature sheds light on a number of tricky and interesting issues concerning VAAs. These learnings coupled with Yle’s own hope for a less text-based interface served as the basis for the project.

Naturally, only a subset of the identified issues could be addressed and it scarcely is feasible to construct one VAA that could deal with all of those. Rather, and appositely for the domain of democracy, a plurality of VAAs with different approaches probably is the right answer. The purpose of the prototype is, thus, to test novel solutions to some of the concerns, especially:

On a personal level, my learning goals were to design and build a cloud-based web app from scratch and to apply somewhat more sophisticated statistical methods to organise the data.

The app uses Google’s Angular library and Material Design components. The source code is available on Github. You can try Ehdokaskartta out (in Finnish) at An in-depth discussion (only in Finnish as of now) about the solutions offered and their shortcoming can be found at