A wooden extension cord that blends seamlessly into the floor. It was awarded the grand prize in Timberwise’s NexTwise competition.

With wireless Internet and media streaming a lot of clutter has been eliminated from living room floors. Cordless power, however, remains as elusive a proposal as ever. What if at least the extension cord — one of the most offending such eyesores — could be made more beautiful?

Powerwise turns this utilitarian plastic necessity into a crafted item that is easy on the eye and pleasant to touch. It makes use of same material as the floor on which it rests, thus blending in seamlessly. The notion that power can flow from wood is exciting.

Twise is collection of products that Finland’s leading hardwood floor manufacturer Timberwise produces from left-over pieces of parquet. Customers who install their floors can send the excess material back to Timberwise to get products in exactly the same colour as their new floor.

To mark their 20th anniversary, Timberwise organised a design competition for new Twise products. Powerwise was selected as the winner out of 140 proposals by a jury headed by the Kaj Franck laureate designer Tapio Anttila.

Powerwise, along with the other winning designs, is slated for production in the future. Pictured, is a preliminary, still non-functional, prototype.